Fun Sex Games For Couples – Your House is Full of Ideas

Fun sex games for couples can easily be found lying around the house if you are willing to use your imagination. Introducing any sex game is a great way to keep the level of intimacy high, exciting and fresh between you and your partner. The longer you are together the more important it is to introduce new ideas and techniques. Just because you have been with your partner for an extended period of time does not mean your sex live has to become mundane.

Now, for many people discussing sex is hard enough to do and therefore the thought of sex games can seem outrageous. Trying to break someone of the discomfort of this is really done through open channels of communication. Communication is the key in any relationship, intimacy and sex are just another type of relationship, and all relationships need proper communication in order to succeed.

If you are interested in some fun sex games for couples but really don’t know where to start then consider using what you already have in the house. Here are three examples of some really easy and fun sex games for couples to try playing.

1. Strip poker is age old but can really be a hit, so what if there is only two of you playing poker, the excitement level this game can bring is top notch and the anticipation you feel will leave you shaking.

2. Dice games. Take some dice and come up with 11, remember you can’t roll a 1, different things that you and your partner can do to one another. Roll the dice, see what number comes up and away you go!

3. Board games. Change up some rules to some games you have in the house. Remember Twister? Play naked or make your partner remove a piece of clothing everything they fall, first person naked has to perform a dare that their partner requests.

These three fun sex games for couples could be just the start to you and your partner adding some games to your sexual relationship.

Sex Games For Couples

Want to reignite your relationship? And flame up your sex life?

That’s easy. Why don’t you try sex games! Yup, right, these games might be a great idea to enjoy more sex, passionate intercourse, have fun and feel whole lot closer as a result.

You see, sex games won’t only break up your bedroom boredom! They’ll also untie the barrier between you and lead you an excuse to expand your sexual repertoire.

Here are a variety of sex games will spice up your night!

Sexy Twister. You know Twister? The whole things with right leg green, left hand yellow board game? Well, okay and wow, picture playing it naked with your partner! What an intense game or what? Twister board games rebirth to the Kama Sutra of games! To heat up the games, distract your opponent by licking, nuzzling, kissing, and tickling.

3- 7 Minutes in Heaven. In this scenario, the closet plays important rule! And this how it plays! Close the door, and wait for your partner in the dark. You see, the expectation and confined space will add up the hot factor and short of light will intensify your senses. Once your partner steps inside, kiss the hand, arm, and collarbone. But hold off kissing the lips until your partner can’t take it any longer.

Play Truth or Dare! You’ll be surprise! Whether you pick truth or dare, you’re sure to reveal a few new things about your partner. Ask about her sexual fantasies and bring them to life. As for dare, a lap dance or striptease is always a crowd pleaser! But remember; don’t make her/him jealous or self-conscious by revealing your past.

And let your games begin! Check this out! The best part of stimulating playtime is that no one has to lose! Playing sex games won’t only satisfy your sex drive, they also let you live out your fantasies. And bring both of you closer.

Promotional Products Strategies – How To Use Branded Gifts For Fun And Profits

Are you trying to grow your business? Why not profit from using fun and games? Here is an effective promotional products strategy you can use to get more customers and clients while having some fun and without spending a whole lot of money.

Whether you have a retail store or a business with many locations, you can use promotional gifts to get the word out about it. Here’s the five-step process:

1) Set up booths or tables at community events or trade shows

An excellent way to get your promotional items in front of your targeted audience is to set up booths or tables at community events. Larger businesses can do the same at trade shows.

2) Arrange for a variety of suitable promotional products

Have a range of suitable branded items on hand. These should range from the obvious, such as pens, to t-shirts, bags, and other items that would be appealing to your audience… and that people would be likely to use!

However, be sure to include some branded gifts that will be useful to lots of different people, including water bottles, coffee mugs, travel mugs, USB memory sticks, and note pads. Calendars and diaries will also work well, especially towards the end of the year or early in the year.

You can also attach your logo to bottles of water or other consumables, such as mints. As people walk around the event, a bottle of water is always welcome, so it’ll be a popular item.

3) Set up a Prize Wheel (or Wheel of Fortune)

Next, prepare a prize wheel where each of the fields features one of your promotional gifts.

Maybe one field could feature a t-shirt, a couple of fields each could offer reusable branded water bottles or travel mugs, and so on. There should also be several fields that offer small items, such as pens or notepads. It’s important that everyone who plays will be a winner.

The wheel of fortune will get people involved and will make the gifts more desirable than if they were given out indiscriminately.

4) Create a gift basket

Finally, create a big gift basket featuring all the promotional gifts, plus a few gourmet treats, such as coffee, chocolate, and biscuits.

Have everyone fill in a form with their contact information, and raffle off the gift basket.

5) Hold the drawing

If the event is local, you can hold the drawing after the event is over and call the winner so they can pick up their prize.

If it’s a trade show or there are a lot of attendees who live farther away, you can hold the drawing towards the end of the event (post a sign with the time) and require the winner to be present so that they can pick up their prize right then and there.