Sex Games For Couples

Want to reignite your relationship? And flame up your sex life?

That’s easy. Why don’t you try sex games! Yup, right, these games might be a great idea to enjoy more sex, passionate intercourse, have fun and feel whole lot closer as a result.

You see, sex games won’t only break up your bedroom boredom! They’ll also untie the barrier between you and lead you an excuse to expand your sexual repertoire.

Here are a variety of sex games will spice up your night!

Sexy Twister. You know Twister? The whole things with right leg green, left hand yellow board game? Well, okay and wow, picture playing it naked with your partner! What an intense game or what? Twister board games rebirth to the Kama Sutra of games! To heat up the games, distract your opponent by licking, nuzzling, kissing, and tickling.

3- 7 Minutes in Heaven. In this scenario, the closet plays important rule! And this how it plays! Close the door, and wait for your partner in the dark. You see, the expectation and confined space will add up the hot factor and short of light will intensify your senses. Once your partner steps inside, kiss the hand, arm, and collarbone. But hold off kissing the lips until your partner can’t take it any longer.

Play Truth or Dare! You’ll be surprise! Whether you pick truth or dare, you’re sure to reveal a few new things about your partner. Ask about her sexual fantasies and bring them to life. As for dare, a lap dance or striptease is always a crowd pleaser! But remember; don’t make her/him jealous or self-conscious by revealing your past.

And let your games begin! Check this out! The best part of stimulating playtime is that no one has to lose! Playing sex games won’t only satisfy your sex drive, they also let you live out your fantasies. And bring both of you closer.