Book Review of Eating For Beauty

Don’t let the title fool you-Eating for Beauty runs more than skin deep! For years, I’ve toyed with the idea of buying this book. The title intrigued me, but it also remained outside my category of “must-have books.” Beauty doesn’t rank up there with, say, health. Or does it?

Raw food guru David “Avocado” Wolfe explains how physical beauty reflects the health of our inner organs. The idea that our skin reveals the condition of our colon is not exactly news, but David goes beyond theories and tells us why. He explains absorption, acid-alkaline balance, and free radicals in understandable terms. He then identifies certain “beauty minerals,” what they do, and why people tend to run low on them.

A list of the most beautifying foods includes more than superficial descriptions of anti-oxidants. David also cites chemical analyses, including which elements appear most strongly in any given item. Where not obvious, he suggests ways of eating these beauty foods, and sometimes he offers delightful historical uses. I find the book a valuable aid to share with students since it gives people an understanding of the “why.” The scientific, methodical approach, coupled with lovely Kirlian photography, helps readers to reach his conclusions with ease.

Besides theory and practical advice, David offers recipes and supplements. Yes, you can buy most things from his websites, and yes, that can get annoying in some books that read more like extensive product catalogs. Eating for Beauty provides so much background, though, that it leaves readers convinced of the value of those products.

Because David gives tips for inviting beauty into our lives on all levels, the book provides far more than a 186-page sales pitch. He talks about:

* Breathing, yoga, and laughter.

* The ancient Greeks’ connection of physical and spiritual beauty.

* The healing powers of organic produce items available at most grocery stores.

* How to use grapefruit to get rid of cellulite.

* How to produce more hydrochloric acid for better digestion.

* Fresh juices to banish dark circles or improve the singing voice.

I found this book a surprisingly fun and informative read, and it has already become a much-used reference book. Even if you think you’re looking for “more than beauty,” give this book a chance. With its encyclopedic scope, you’re sure to find something of lasting value.

Don’t Wait for Shopping Hauls

Are you the one who looks out for shopping hauls to save money? Are you a girl on a budget and looking out for fantastic beauty products?

Usually, women eagerly wait for the shopping hauls and the sales to take over so that they can go on their spree getting their beauty wants and needs. But, always waiting for a sale to fulfill the wants can lead you through your saturation points.

Don’t worry ladies, waiting for shopping hauls is old news now.

Say hello to a high-end subscription box!

It’s official, subscription boxes have taken over our doorsteps and our lives in the best ways. How could anyone turn down a custom-made box filled with things you wouldn’t usually buy, but you’d definitely love? Especially for the girl on a budget, there are a lot of subscription boxes just waiting for you.

When we talk about beauty subscription boxes, there are different subscription services that give out 5-7 sample/ full-size beauty products monthly for less than the MRP of the product.

So, you wouldn’t have to wait for sales from your favorite and good makeup and beauty brands, and you could basically buy membership boxes without any of the guilt because you know its money well spent. Because no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there is a beauty box out there for you to become obsessed with.

How Do Subscription Boxes Work?

The process is simple. A new user signs up for a monthly fee (could range anywhere from INR 499 to INR 1599 depending on the service) and usually completes a short survey about their tastes and preferences. There are a few boxes now that give out the opportunity to choose and customize the products in the box. After that, the subscriber gets a box of personally selected goodies automatically delivered right to their doorstep. While the MRP relies upon the brand, an extensive piece of the buyer interest of membership boxes originates from value price and comfort since the boxes give out the best-curated items in under their unique MRP.

It isn’t only a blast for the clients, yet additionally for the brands. In this day and age of unlimited choices for everything, brands need to endeavor to slice through rack mess, be it physical space at their retail shop or snap and-mortar outlets like Amazon where a scan for “lipstick” returns a stunning 48,000 outcomes.

With the help of a subscription box, the brands come out of the clutter as well as the customers get acknowledged about the brands and their new launches. Also, they get to explore these options in a pocket-friendly way. Whether it be sensitive hair care, unique nail polish, the latest makeup, or the nicest skincare products, a monthly subscription box comes in perfectly handy for finding what beauty products work best for you. Beauty shopping never means spending a fortune, and also now say no to even the idea of waiting for shopping hauls. Start shopping now!

Shut Your Mouth

Shut your mouth. Stop talking. And if you must. Speak of beauty. This is the key to our happiness. I have spent my entire adult life working in mental health. I have spent my entire life meditating. There is power in silence. But, do you know what else has power? Our words.

The very words we speak dictate the quality of our lives. I have written many time over about how the company we keep shapes us. And while studies show not only is that true, we must include ourselves in that equation. For the single person you spend the most time with is yourself. And if you’re always speaking of your pains, problems and troubles, you are in fact magnifying them. Learn to speak of the good in your life. Speak life into others. Negative words are a curse. The good news is you can change that. Speak of beauty and reverse the curse.

While it can be very therapeutic to talk your problems out, you must not get stuck there. So how do we do that? There are a few things to keep in mind. I’m not talking about the garden variety “it’s been a bad day”. I’m taking about non stop complaining. I think we all have someone like that in our lives. For me it’s a family member. I speak about how to handle that in just a moment. But getting back to talking your problems out. There is an old saying. The past is a great place to visit, but you don’t want to pitch a tent there.

There are things we can learn from our past. The trade-off is that when we are consumed by it, we are missing out on what’s happening today. Be it good or bad, today is what matters most. So, when you’re having that bad day, of course get with a friend and talk it out. Take it from the people you love and trust the most. If you continue to talk about the same problem to them {without taking any action on your part}, eventually they will stop listening. And you should respect that. If you’re truly struggling with a specific issue, or have been diagnosed with PTSD, you should be speaking to a therapist about it. While a friend or family member can offer support, a therapist is equipped to deal with this. You owe it to yourself to get healthy.

So what about that family member that all they do is talk about their problems. I view that the same way as someone living with addiction. If they’re not willing to get help, no amount of talking to them is going to save them. They must take action on their own. In my case, I have put a lot of distance in between that family member and myself. I love them dearly, but it is unhealthy for me to be around such negativity all the time. I keep phone conversations short. And, I limit in person visits to just lunch. Anything longer and I feel drained and resentful. I respect this persons choice to talk about all the things that are wrong in the world. But I cannot be a part of that. Realizing I cannot change them, I honor their space and give them as much as I can without being resentful.

Words are powerful. Not only what we say out loud, but the internal conversations that we have with ourselves. What does your internal dialog sound like? Does it lead to something good? Or, does it take you to the dark places? What about the conversations that you engage in? Are they helpful or hurtful?

Speak life. Reverse the curse. The power you feel comes from the very words that leave your mouth. Not feeling powerful? Shut your mouth. Stop talking. And if you must. Speak of beauty.

There Is No Beauty Without Struggle

In the course of our life, we have to agree that there is no beauty without struggle. No one likes to hear the story of someone who got everything easily. People want to listen to the stories of men and women who, while born in the valley of struggle, endured pain and turned their battles into a gift.

So, how can you get stronger? What can you do transform struggle into beauty? Do you want people to look up to you? Or do you want people just to feel sorry for you?

Today or tomorrow, you might feel frustrated. Maybe your dreams are not a concrete reality yet. Your life or career may somehow have taken a wrong turn. But to change that, the first thing you have to do is to search within yourself. So, I will tell you a quick story about my unusual path of change and transformation from battles to beauty over the years.

If I relate this tale, it is because it is relevant to the subject of struggle, change, and beauty. The story begins as I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be and do something different than anyone else. But I just could not figure out what it was.

A Period Of Wandering and Struggle

Even to this day, all kinds of subjects interest me. In school, I liked biology. But growing up with horses, I naturally drifted into working with them. Then one day, after a few years, I was draft in the Soviet navy for three long years. I was sent away far from everything I cherished, near the Arctic pole.

At first, this news was like a punch in the stomach. But in the months that followed, I realized that I loved animals but entered a career that just did not suit me. It was merely a way to make a living and travel. This realization initiated a period of wandering and struggle in my life.

After my duty in the navy, I defected while in the USA, traveled all across North America and Europe, and worked at every conceivable job. I was a waiter in Florida, became a security guard in Belgium, worked as a zookeeper in Colorado, then change to be an assistant surgeon for a veterinarian. Then I entered the Hollywood film business where I worked as a figurant and stuntman, to then convert as a chauffeur in Russia.

The Beauty of It All

I also worked as a shoe salesman in Texas, served as a customer representative for a sightseeing tour in Austria. In between, I even wandered back to my native Ukraine where I operated as a chauffeur and bodyguard for escort girls, among other odd jobs. In these long years of wandering, struggle, and beauty, I had totaled over thirty different positions.

So, here I was 50 years old and unable to settle for anything. Yes, I had moments of doubt, but I did not feel lost. Instead, I was searching and exploring, and I was hungry for experiences. During all that time, I also loved writing. That year, while in Belgium, for yet another job, a friend gave me a book.

Suddenly, in reading it, every struggle and everything in my disjointed past seemed to click into place, like magic. The beauty of it all was the result of all of those various experiences. And so, the horses, the veterinarian, the zoo, the film industry, and oddly enough, even the escort job gave me the skills to create my future and get stronger.

The Moral of the Story

All of that experience gave me a vast storehouse of ideas that I could draw upon on. Even those indifferent, seemingly random jobs exposed me to every type of cultures, mentalities, and beliefs. And also the languages I learned while traveling taught me things.

All of these experiences added up to rich layers of knowledge and practice that altered me from the inside out. In my own bizarre and intuitive way, I gave myself the perfect education for what I am to do in my lifetime.

Now the moral of this story is that you might tend to fixate on what you can see with your eyes. As humans, it is the most animal part of our nature. When you look at the changes and transformations in other people’s lives, you see the beauty and good luck that someone had in being at the right place at the right time and disregard the struggle they endured.

Struggle Transforms into Beauty

You see the success that brings the money and the attention. In other words, you see the visible signs of opportunity and prosperity. You compare to the struggle in your own life, but you are grasping at an illusion. What allows for such dramatic changes are the things that occur on the inside of a person and are completely invisible.

So, the beauty is the slow accumulation of knowledge and skills, the incremental improvements in work habits and the ability to withstand criticism. Any change in people’s fortune is merely the visible manifestation of all of that deep preparation over time.

The answer, the key to the ability to transform struggle into beauty is insanely simple. You have to reverse your approach. Stop fixating on what other people are saying, doing or thinking. And end the focus on the money, the connections, or the outward appearance of things.

The Beauty is Looking Inward

Instead look inward! Focus on the smaller internal changes that lay the groundwork for a much larger shift in fortune. It is the difference between grasping at an illusion and immersing yourself in reality. And reality is what will liberate and transform you. Here is how this would work in your own life.

Primal Inclinations

Consider the fact that you are fundamentally unique and one of a kind. Look at the beauty of your DNA, the particular configuration of your brain, and your life’s experiences. In early childhood, this uniqueness manifested itself by the fact that you felt particularly drawn to specific subjects and activities. It is what the book “Mastery” calls primal inclinations.

You cannot rationally explain why you feel so drawn to music, or to words, or to particular questions about the world around you, or any other field.

As you get older, you often lose contact with these inclinations. The struggle comes when you listen to relatives who urge you to follow a particular career path. Or when teachers influence you, or by people that tell you what you are good and bad at. You listen to friends who tell you what is cool and not. At a certain point, you can almost become a stranger to yourself.

Reflect on Beauty and Struggle

And so, you enter career paths that are not suitable for you, emotionally and intellectually. The beauty of your life’s task, your true calling, or your purpose as I call it, is to return to those inclinations and in that uniqueness that marked you at birth.

And whatever age you find yourself, as I did, you must reflect back on those earliest inclinations. You must look at those subjects in the present that continues to spark that intense childlike curiosity in you.

And recap on the struggle of those subjects and activities that you have been forced to do over the past years. Based on these reflections, you determine a direction you must take. So, you have a loose but overall framework which you can explore to find the angles and positions that suit you best.

No Beauty without Struggle

You need to listen carefully to yourself, to your internal radar. For me, it was animal entertainment and Hollywood that did not feel right. And so, you move on slowly narrowing your path, all the while accumulating skills.

Yet, most people do not want struggle, but simple, direct straight lined paths to the perfect position and into success. But instead, you must welcome wrong turns and mistakes. They make you aware of your flaws. And they widen your experiences; they toughen you up and bring the beauty you desire.

If you come to this process at a later age, you must cultivate a new set of skills, just as I did. Get abilities that suits this change and direction you will be taking and find a way to blend them with your previous skills.

No Reward without Challenge

As the slightest opportunity comes your way, you will now exploit it. In fact, you will still struggle but will also attract new opportunities to you because people will sense how prepared you are. So, the way to transform yourself is through your work.

Of course, you might believe that that the beauty of self-transformation comes through a spiritual journey, therapy, a guru who tells you what to do, social experiences or even drugs. But it is not true because most of these are ways of running away from yourself. Instead, follow your inclinations, and you can become who you really are instead of trying to be someone else.

Efforts, challenges and hard times offer you much more value than any other time in your life. You cannot grow or get stronger without struggle and resistance. So be grateful for the beauty of it and work on yourself to ensure that your future gets more pleasure than pain and regrets.

Latest Fashion News: Style Watch, Steal That Style!

Many celebrities launch one of kind fashion styles! We are here to introduce to you the latest fashion news and ideas, some amazing styles, and ways you can get them to look stylish and fashionably elegant, just like a celebrity!

The clothes you wear reflect the mood you are in and the one you want to project. They represent the person you want to be even if sometimes, you feel very different from that image!

Stop feeling that you are not fashionable! Stop feeling that your clothes are not into style! Instead enjoy every second of fashion because now you can be in style like any of the celebrities you want or you like!

  • Adopt an all-white look, and rock simplicity with straight hair! You can try styling an A line skirt with a white top, it can be a cute style.
  • Go all Stefani mode and adopt a red suit! Add some style to it by adopting a crop top under the suit’s blazer!
  • Go classy with shorts, and adopt high wasted shorts with a white classic shirt and a nice pair of high heels shoes.
  • Adopt skinny jeans with a white shirt, and guess what? A cute and colorful oversized blazer! It will give you a cute style and edgy look.
  • Be unique by adopting flare pants and reviving the sixties, adopt these pants with a nice crop top and maybe a nice retro hairstyle for long and short hair.
  • Adopt the 90s fashion style in any way you hear desires. The chokers are back and this time they are looking amazing! You can adopt any type of choker necklace you want, whether a plain piece of ribbon, or a tattoo like choker, with all the black details. And for the edgy style lovers, you can pick a rock studded choker, or what we also call, spiked choker necklace. Or you can go for plaids as they have never been more in style than they are now! It’s over every piece of clothing for women and men. This fashion trend or style is somewhat universal as anyone who adopts it falls in love with it! Adopt scrunchies in your hairstyle design, as they will add volume in the Tina Turner technique.

Whichever celebrity’s fashion style you decide to adopt, don’t forget to always add your special touch on it!

What will your fashion identity be from now on?