Surfrider, Saving the Earth One Moment at a Time

Who is Surfrider? Surfrider is a non profit organization that was founded in 1984 by a group of environmentalist surfers, their ultimate goal is to help keep our world safe and clean from ocean to ocean. The roots of this visionary group began in Malibu, California and have become a global movement inspiring over 50,000 members to preserve the beauty and quality of our beaches and oceans worldwide.

This non-discriminative organization strives to maintain a healthy and open relationship between the natural eco systems and the free and public use of these waterways and beaches, keeping a low impact effect while allowing the enjoyment of swimming and surfing without limitations. Surfrider believes in educating our youth of the effects that we have on our environment through research, and enforcing conservation and activism.

The difference between the Surfrider organization and others is that the members are composed of surfers, swimmers, divers and others whose lives are centered around the oceans, these people are immediately affected by the conditions of these natural eco systems and thus are extremely passionate about their cause. How would you react to someone dumping their trash in your driveway? Or along the sidewalk that you jog on? Of course your response to this would be quick and thorough, because the problem would be directly affecting your life.

Surfrider is committed to their cause achieving many accomplishments over the years, they won the national Renew America Award for their efforts nationwide to clean-up the coasts, won the approval of the federal BEACH act in 2000 to require a uniform national water quality monitoring, as well as winning the second largest clean water act suit in American history back in 1991, against two pulp mills in Humboldt County that were charged with over 40,000 violations of the law. This group backs their convictions and follows through.

Surfrider is a supporter of other ecological organizations as well, determined to help our earth to maintain its natural beauty and eco systems, Dot Eco is an active group composed of entrepreneurs, scientists, celebrities and others who are able to use their wide range of influence to promote the protection and conservation of our planet. They have backed the Dot Eco initiative to establish the .eco top level domain. This new initiative will donate over 50% of domain registration proceeds back to fund scientific initiatives and research in climate change, ocean analysis, economic policy, and other environmentally-related areas. Surfrider supports any and all who adamantly believe in this and strive to continue with their cause, keeping the planet safe. We only have one home let’s keep it healthy for the generations ahead.